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Project Description



Koko is a beautiful dream town right in the middle of the big heart of Delta State. It is about 60km – 70km west of Sapele and Warri, lying along the coastal mangrove and rainforest vegetation.

Nana of Koko was born Eriomala to Olomu -an Itshekiri potentate and one of the wealthiest Itshekiri traders of his time, and to his mother who was an Urobo woman from Effurun.

This documentary tells the story of Nana from childhood, through his appointment as the Governor of the Benin River in 1884, his exile from the country and finally, homecoming in 1906. It tells also of the gradual decline of Koko from a strong productive community (known over a century ago before the discovery of oil in the region for large scale furniture making, palm oil production, farming, etc) to a consumer community.